Whether you need financial help for research, a field school, or study abroad, there are funds for you! These are only some of the options available to you, feel free to stop by the Anthropology Undergraduate Advising Office for more information and resources!

Boren Award: The Boren Award is a fund for undergraduate research of less commonly taught languages that are of interest to U.S. national security. If you’re looking to learn a language via a study abroad opportunity, you may be able to gets funds via this option. The scholarships are pretty decent, as well.

Brackenridge Fellowship: The Brackenridge Fellowship is through the Pitt Honors College. It is available for those who wish to do summer research with a faculty mentor. The awards are $3,500.

Summer Undergraduate Research Awards: SURA is another summer research fellowship for $3,500. In addition to the research, you will also enroll in a course designed to teach you how to present your research to a general audience.

Center for Comparative Archaeology Fund: The Center for Comparative Archaeology at Pitt also has funds available for undergraduates. This does not apply for field schools, but it instead funds independent research opportunities in archaeology. You must have a mentor for your research project. Contact Dr. Loukas Barton for more info!

Nationality Rooms Scholarships: This is an incredible resource available through the Nationality Rooms, the Committees of which set aside funds dedicated to undergraduate research abroad. They vary in amounts, but there is certainly a fund that would appropriate for you. They tend to be very competitive.

ACCAC Fellows Program in Creativity and Innovation: This summer fellowship may require some research on your part; there is no dedicated page for it, but the University does send out flyers when it is available. It is suggested that you periodically check in a Google search or contact the Provost’s Office for more information. Pitt is in the ACC and technically receives these funds every year, though they might not advertise them. This award has been used for a field school experience before.